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Rethinking Student Achievement

The STARTedUP Foundation’s mission is to empower students by immersing them into the entrepreneurial way of being, inspiring them to start something new, mentoring them through new ventures

Our goal is to prepare students to be enterprising contributors in this changing world.


We envision a world where young people are freed of apathy, purposelessness, addiction and complacency, by embracing the personal responsibility, service, creativity and purpose of an entrepreneurial way of being

Innovate Within: Entrepreneurship Accelerator

We launched an accelerator program equipping winners of a state-wide pitch competition to take ideas from the whiteboard to the world. Our 2018 beta program is currently being piloted in partnership with Ball State University and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Student Innovation nights

We believe in connecting communities and demonstrating the ingenuity of students. These Student Innovation Nights are the perfect way for students to network with professionals, find other driven peers, and exhibit their value to their local entrepreneurial ecosystems.


Student Venture Fund

We began with the vision of empowering student entrepreneurs everywhere. Our fund is used to launch opportunity-hungry student projects by providing funding and resources that will keep them moving, accountable, and smart.

Self-Starter/Freelancer Bootcamps

Our mission is to improve enterprising attitudes and inspire students to get their start no matter where it is. That’s why we’re developing bootcamps to teach the fundamentals of marketing, Google AdWords, Salesforce CRM, and more.

Leading students to seek and act on opportunities through an entrepreneurial way of being


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