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Don Wettrick

Don Wettrick, a classroom teacher of 21 years, is the Co-Founder and President of the STARTedUp Foundation, an organization dedicated empower high-school innovators and entrepreneurs.

Don is the author of "Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level." Wettrick has worked as a middle school and high school teacher; educational and innovation consultant; CEO, and podcast host.

If you want more than just the inspirational message and same ole educational mantras, and instead want honest insights on what the innovation world is desiring, then Don is your man.
— Glenn Robbins, Supt in NJ
Don giving a Keynote to 2,700 teachers, principals, and school admins.

Don giving a Keynote to 2,700 teachers, principals, and school admins.

Don has lectured across the US, Europe, South America and Africa about collaboration, social media use, and work environments that enable innovation. Through his travel, he has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Ghana, and seeks to bring that entrepreneurial mindset into our classrooms. The STARTedUp Podcast that he hosts has featured some of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders in the world- focusing on educational change.

Don’s keynotes and workshops are a passion filled, but also have practical ideas and concepts any student or teacher can implement tomorrow.

Don hosts the STARTedUP Podcast where he interviews top entrepreneurs, authors, and leaders on education, innovation and entrepreneurship while discussing how anyone has the power to change the world and live life to the fullest. His guests include greats like Gary Vaynerchuck, Jeff Hoffman, Seth Godin, Robert Green, Tina Seelig, Steve Voss and more.

His keynotes are built around real student examples and not rhetoric. While the keynotes are passionate and energetic, they all have steps to take action… today.
— Sherri Crofut, TIE Conf Organizer

Hire a Change Agent To Speak

Gary Vaynerchuk says, “You guys are blowing it up," and Tom Bilyeu claims "StartEdUp is a mindset incubator." Daniel Pink states, “You’ve turned the classroom into an innovation factory." And Tim Ferriss told us he wishes more schools had the Innovation Class that Don offered.


Speaking topics:

  • Why Innovation is THE KEY to getting our students truly “future ready.” Creating Seekers & Peekers: Not Moaners & Groaners.

  • The Entrepreneur Mindset:  Empowering Your Community (not just school) with Student Entrepreneurship & Pitch Nights.

  • Automation and Machine Learning Are Going to Change The Employment Landscape. What We Need For Our Students To Prepare For The Future of Employment.

  • What the “Genius Hour” or 20% Time model is all about in our schools. A framework to get your school corporation modernized, innovative.

We’ve never had a standing ovation for an educational keynote. We have now. Wow… just wow
— Jessica Van De Pasche, “The Future of Work” Organizer, The Netherlands

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