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Student Innovation Nights


Creating an Impact

Our evenings are dedicated to empowering high-school innovators and entrepreneurs by helping them to gain real-world experience.

Whether its the power of brainstorming real solutions to real problems, collaborating with local businesses, or the opportunity to network with peers and professionals that makes it worthwhile, our students consistently come back to what they call one of the most valuable experiences of their lives.

What’s the Format?

During STARTedUP Student Innovation Nights, a local business or non-profit will pitch a goal they wish to achieve or an issue they face to a group of students attendees. After this, the students will move into groups to brainstorm/prototype a solution and end the evening by pitching it.

These companies often choose to work with student groups afterward in order to implement these solution. Students end the evening with the opportunity to meet other innovative and intelligent students as well as local business leaders and spectators.

This is a spectacular way to make an actual difference in how real-world businesses operate, as well as to build your network and learn the process of innovation.

Interested In attending? Check out our calendar of events and reserve a spot!